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Did You Know There Are New Construction Homes in Downtown Orlando?

Kathy Williams April 12, 2024

Have you been thinking: “I want to live in the downtown Orlando area, but I really want a new construction home.”? If you have, then I bet you also think the only route is to knock down an old house and work with a custom builder, right?
I’m going to show you some great options for new construction homes in the urban areas of Orlando with great schools, neighborhoods, and all the great vibes of living in Orlando. 
Whether you’re looking to move from California, New York, or New Jersey, or you’re just looking to move across town, we can help you find the perfect home in Orlando. 

The Urban Infill: The New Construction in Orlando

When people think of new construction, they think of driving into a community where there are flags at the entryways and perhaps two or three model homes with a salesperson. Then you go pick a lot that you want and then start the new construction process of picking everything you want. 
In downtown Orlando, new construction looks more like urban infill, which is the process of purchasing and tearing down an old house or property that’s pretty much dilapidated, not worth repairing, or rehabbing, but also located in a really good neighborhood and school district. The property’s lot is then repurposed for a new construction home. 

The Cost of the Urban Infill

Now, technically, the urban infill is a custom home situation. As a result, most people think that it is more on the unaffordable side because custom homes are looking at two million and up for a basic custom home. 
Well, on the contrary, because of the presence of a few new construction builders in the area, such as M/I Homes and David Weekley Homes, urban infill is now more within an affordable range.
As a matter of fact, David Weekley Homes happens to be one of the builders who also does home building. They have already built homes in Winter Garden, Apopka, and Saint Cloud and many others, but they also do the urban infill. 
And there’s a couple of other builders in the area that are doing new construction. In total, there’s about 50 homes that are being built right now. And these homes are in the $700-900,000 range. These are homes that are between 2,300 square feet, 2,600 square feet, or even bigger. 
So, does this make you think about moving downtown? Would you like some more urban fun lifestyle? If you’re into this vibe, then you would also love to watch the rest of this YouTube video where I walk you through the downtown area and show you the flavor of the downtown area and how the urban infill look. 
Do you want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and rates in real estate in the Orlando area? Follow me for more at Kathy Williams Orlando Real Estate.

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